Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spanish Vegetable Scramble

This was good.  This was very good.  The Gutsy Cooks Club made Spanish Vegetable Tortilla.
I made it into a scramble due to the absence of the requisite non-stick pan.  Peas, broccol, potatoes and onions gently cooked with eggs.  I added a light grating of cheddar cheese.  We thoroughly enjoyed this.


  1. Oh wow.. talk about totally going out there and sprucing it up! It looks good, never thought to do it that way, I'm making a note on the book!

  2. This looks fantastic. We all loved it at house and I have added it to my easy week night supper list. I plan on having some fun with the ingredients. I'll bet you could have pulled this off without the use of a non stick pan. It had enough oil in it that I think it would have worked. At any rate, I should have skipped this week and come to your house for dinner, looks yummy


  3. Great idea and the cheese looks great. I finished my tortilla off in the oven. I was deathly afraid of dropping the entire thing on the floor. Did you have a chance to make the fish?

  4. Looks great as a scramble, too. My non-stick pan is losing its non-stickiness, so there were a few tense moments when I turned it out of the pan.

  5. The added cheddar cheese looks amazing on top! I love how you made this a scramble,YUM!