Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gutsy Cooks is pulling me kicking and screaming into the land of dough.  And hollandaise.  It is so much fun!
I'm starting to like this pie dough/tart dough stuff.  On the menu this week were mushroom tarts and vanilla custards.  Both turned out to be delicious!  Next time, and there will be a next time, I plan to skip the hollandaise and top with grated cheese.

The custards were perfect and couldn't have been simpler to whip up.  I thickened a can of sour cherries with sugar and cinnamon.  Big hit!  Highly recommend both recipes.


  1. Vicki.. I know what you mean abou the dough comment.. between Gutsy cooks, TWD and FFwD.. its seems that everyone is band together and made it all about pies, tarts and fruit menus!

    I need to make the custards.. everyone that made them like them.

    But, hot this week.. this week its all about the bostini *wink*

  2. Congrats on overcoming your pie crust issues. A mushroom tart sounds fantastic!