Monday, October 11, 2010

Ricotta and Basil Roulade and Quindim

My first meal with the Gutsy Cooks gang!  This was so much fun to make. I was surprised how utterly easy the recipes were to put together.  The dessert takes literally minutes.  The roulade a bit longer, but still quite easy.  Except for spilling the chopped spinach and sun dried tomatoes all over the floor.  Plan B.  Go pick the last of the basil in the garden. It was fantastic. This is definitely a do again recipe.

I opted for toasting regular, not fresh, coconut.  It was fine. We all loved these. I'm making another batch
with only the cream of coconut for my coconut phobic husband. He likes the flavor but not the texture of coconut.

Already Gutsy Cooks has gotten me outside my macaroni and cheese comfort zone.


  1. I love your Quindim! It set alot more than mine. I think next time I will cover them when they are in the oven and leave them more than the 20 minutes.

    And your Roulade! I guess for you these totally worked!

  2. They both look pretty and yummy, and I can't even eat coconut! I like the look of your new blog. Is this where you'll be posting non-HCB stuff? Including ABC?