Saturday, October 2, 2010

French Fridays with Dorie Goureges

French Fridays with Dorie started off with lovely Goureges.  I had such high hopes for them even though my track record with choux pastry leaves a lot to be desired.  It seemed to mix up easily and did all the right pulling away from the pan.  Each egg addition incorporated easily.  I used all cheddar cheese.  The dough looked wonderful.  Coming out of the oven they smelled wonderful but cut open, revealed dense, not airy texture like the picture.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong with choux pastry mixing.


  1. Sorry your's didn't turn out... but I'm sure they'll be great next time!

  2. Sometimes the cheddar cheese is to soft; adds too much moisture, and maybe your oven is not hot enough? And, you might try keeping them in a 425^ oven for about 1/2 the baking time? Try's part of the fun just to learn how to make it work!

  3. Even though I must have read through the recipe at least 10 tens before making them, I got excited and dumped the flour in the pot right after the other ingredients...ended up with a mess and had to start over again. Second attempt turned out great. Don't get discouraged. It might have been the amount of cheese you put in.

  4. Hi, Vicki-just wanted to say thanks for all the encouraging comments! You made my day! Also, look at you with multiple blogs . . . impressive! :) The site you were commenting on is my old site. If you want to read new posts, make sure you are at the new one:
    Thanks again-nice to meet you!

    This recipe looks yummy and fancy! I can't tell that it isn't right. Did it taste good?
    That's what counts! ;)

  5. i was wondering if you made these! way to go with the second blog! you know i am a fan of that :)

    sorry these didn't turn out for you. if you can how me how to make pie dough i'll make you a batch of gougeres.